Melissa le Nevé

Photo credit: Bram Berkein

We’ve been busy trying to make sure we have the best line-up possible and we are so incredibly excited to announce that our final workshop coach is none other than the IFSC World Cup Legend Melissa Le Nevé!

Melissa is a hugely successful competition and rock climber, getting countless podiums on the circuit as well as climbing some of the hardest routes/problems on rock – including being the first female to climb the Big 5 in Fontainebleau.

We are so glad she was able to join us this year for the #YouthClimbingSymposium2017 and we know you will be too!

Can’t wait to see you in November at the excellent Oakwood Climbing Centre.
To get your ticket and to be coached by Melissa go to .

Remember, the spaces are limited!

Augmented Reality

A little break from all of the excellent coaches, the next product we are genuinely looking forward to showcasing – because it looks so fun.

We have partnered up with Fired Up Technologies and the guys behind the Augmented Climbing Wall to make sure you get a little rest from all of the training to experience gaming on the wall.

This product is constantly evolving, so we are looking forward to seeing what will be new in November alongside the super-fun games that already exist.
Check out their website for more info:

Dicki Korb & Patrick Matros

Our next coaches to be joining us in November are Dicki Korb and Patrick Matros!

These two incredible coaches are the men behind Alexander Megos, the first person to ever onsight 9a.

Dicki is a fifty year-old sport-climbing and functional fitness coach, therapist and social worker. He has been climbing for 31 years and provides 15 years of expertise in climbing training with a variety of pro-athletes. Dicki is intensively involved in developing new training methods and ideas together with Patrick.

Patrick is a 43 year-old master of sports and educational science working out of University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (Institute for educational science). He has been climbing since the age of 18 and is by no means a slouch, climbing 8c!

Together, Dicki and Patrick are the founders of the well-known training sensation Gimme Kraft and are currently coaches for team adidas TERREXworking with athletes such as Melissa Le Nevé Sasha DiGiulian and Rustam Gelmanov.

We are super psyched to have these guys on-board!

Ollie Tor

Next on our growing list of presenters is the very talented Ollie Torr he is one half of the Lattice training and coaching team who are leaders in performance profiling for competition and rock climbers. Lattice has assessed and trains climbers such as Hazel Findlay, Ben Moon & Will Bosi.

He is also currently the GB development squad coach. But manages to combine this with being an all round climber having climbed everything from first accent boulders in South America to climbing on the Eiger north face. Bouldered V13, sport 8b and trad E7

His background in training started as a competitive gymnast as a junior who understands training and competing at a high level from a young age. This was followed by a BSc in Sport and exercise science, personal trainer and working on an MSc in strength and conditioning.

He is also a regular columnist at Climber Magazine

Leah Crane

A massive congratulations to our next coach for making the semi-finals in Vail,  Leah Crane

Two times British Bouldering Champion and a professional coach for 7 years, Leah knows what it takes to get to the top level when it comes to climbing.

Leah is an accomplished competition climber and a member of Team GB. With trad ascents up to E6, sport routes in the 8’s and boulder problems with double figures, you can rest assured that Leah will put all of her experience and knowledge into use when she is working with you guys.

Leah’s technique coaching is famous nationwide and with a background in gymnastics her knowledge of movement is impeccable. Leah has an intrinsic ability to pick out subtleties in all climbing styles and types; from day one beginners, to advanced and experienced climbers.

Plus, there’s no-way we could have split up the #dreamteam! You’ve all seen their sessions and all said how fun they look, so this November, at the #YouthClimbingSymposium2017 Leah will be running the workshop alongside the current World Champion, Shauna Coxsey

This is definitely one session you won’t want to miss.


Shauna Coxsey

We know you’re going to be just a little bit excited about our next guest coach.
The current World Champion🏆, Shauna Coxsey

Shauna is one of the most passionate ambassadors for our sport. Pushing boundaries for inclusivity and equality as well as inspiring us all to try harder. Not only that but her training sessions look like a lot of fun too 😁

We are delighted that she will be joining us in November and know that you all will be too!
Climbing since the age of four, Shauna has cemented a global reputation as one of the world’s best competition climbers; with a notable track record in outdoor bouldering also.

A passionate proponent of widening participation in sport, when she was 18 years old, Shauna established the Women’s Climbing Symposium. Now an annual event which was last year attended by over 400 women, the WCS aims to connect, develop and inspire women to climb, whatever their level.

Shauna is widely recognised as a key spokesperson for the sport and has extensive experience of working with the media and in other public speaking environments to provide insight, explanation and commentary on climbing, women in sport and access to sport.

Shauna is also a trustee of CAC Climbers Against Cancer a charity to unite the climbing community in supporting Cancer Research which was set up by the late and great John Ellison

Udo Neumann

Udo Neumann

The master of movement, the king of the swing, the man behind the German Boulder Team training, Mr Udo Neumann
It was impossible for us to organise the #YouthClimbingSymposium2017without including Udo. Every climber, young or old, has watched his training videos (please see below) and wanted to be involved.
Get ready for this one kids, it’s going to be fun!

Udo “Udini“ Neumann, a sports science graduate is the author of the standard works Performance Rock Climbing, as well as the person behind numerous videos about training, bouldering and climbing in all its varieties. Udo has been bouldering on all continents around the globe since 1982. In 2009 Udo became the coach of the German Bouldering Team and also coaches many of the top ranked athletes from other countries.
Now, watch the likes of Jan Hojer and Juliane Wurm put through their paces with some of Udo’s workshop test pieces.

Tom Greenall

Our next coach should be a very familiar face of the UK Competition and coaching scene and we’re looking forward to seeing him in November!

Tom Greenall started his coaching journey with a BSc in Sports Coaching giving him a broad understanding of what it means to help people achieve their best in their passion. He then went on to work as Sports Development Officer for Sheffield schools for a number of years, allowing him to work in a variety of settings to expand and develop his skill set. 

In recent years Tom decided to focus his passion for coaching towards his passion for climbing. His position as GB Junior Bouldering Team Manager and Coach was fundamental in the GBR team’s development and success. Not only did he support and coach all the members but particular 1:1 coaching helped athlete Tara Hayes to a World Silver Medal.

Simultaneously he was able to affect the culture of coaching within climbing in a wider sense by co-writing the MTUK coaching award scheme thus raising the standards of coaching practice and also bringing people together to share knowledge and skills by running the annual BMC Coaching Symposium.

Venue Announcement

Due to popular demand, before we release the remaining coaches, tonight we reveal where the first ever youth climbing symposium will take place…
Oakwood Climbing Centre is one of the newest walls in the UK. It has one of the longest competition walls in the country and a stacked training area. It was host to the British youth open competition earlier this year and we think it is the perfect venue for the event.

Oakwood actually has 6 rooms ready to hire for the event (if you are travelling far) which will be on a first come, first serve basis, so if you want this ideal onsite accommodation, be quick.

More info on the event and the remaining coaches very soon. For now, we will leave you with their flashy promo vid.


Louis Parkinson

Our 2nd announcement should be well known to climbers in the UK! Our very own Captain Cut Loose Louis Parkinson Climbing will be joining Patxi Usobiaga on our team of presenters.

For those who aren’t up to date with his aerial antics here is a bit more on him.

Youth Climbing Symposium, Captain Cutloose, Louis Parkinson Louis Parkinson is a boulderer, competition climber and coach based in London, England. Known for his boundless enthusiasm for climbing rather than actually being good at it, Louis has achieved notoriety for his entertaining videos showcasing the strength and power he has inadvertently developed by lacking decent climbing technique over the last decade. 

Over the last few years, Louis has split his time between competing, training indoors and climbing on actual rocks whenever he gets the chance! In competitions, Louis has won the British Universities Climbing Series, the very first Beastmaker International Footless Festival, the Blocbuster Competition at Depot Nottingham, the Castle Climbing Centres 20th Anniversary competition, and made it onto the podium many times at the annual Blokfest Competition Series.

Louis Parkinson, Captain Cutloose, Youth Climbing SymposiumHe has competed at the IFSC Bouldering World Cup in Toronto and Vail, as well as the Hardmoves competition in Dusseldorf. In short; Louis really likes competitions. Louis has also managed to get a decent amount done on real rock considering the lack of cliffs and boulders in England’s capital. He has climbed 8A boulders on the Gritstone of England, the Gneiss of the Rocky Mountains and Magic Wood, where he also completed his first 8B boulder.

He has put up numerous first ascents in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Louis finds as much fulfilment in helping people with their climbing as he does from improving his own; “As far as I can tell, climbing is an activity which is much more about the process than the actual result. The point of climbing is to challenge yourself, both mentally and physically, so to me it’s completely irrelevant whether that challenge is on a V15 or a V0; all I see is everybody trying really hard and it gets me really psyched for my own projects!”

Louis Parkinson, Captain Cutloose, Youth Climbing SymposiumDespite being known for his power, Louis rarely focuses on helping people to build strength during his lessons. Louis teaches efficient climbing and an open-minded approach to problem solving and how to measure progress in a way that makes it easy to maintain long term motivation.