The world’s first dedicated youth climbing-coaching event is coming to Oakwood Climbing Centre on 18th & 19th November.  Bringing together the best of climbing from around the world; dedicated to inspiring and helping the next generation.

A variety of workshops, talks and presentations will be on offer for you to choose from.

Select 5 and get ready to be pushed both physically and mentally all with the aim of pushing you as climbers.

This first Youth Climbing Symposium will pack in a day of knowledge, practice and fun.


Date: 18th and 19th November 2017


Venue: Oakwood Climbing Centre –


Prices:  £155


Speakers:  Shauna Coxsey, Udo Neumann, Leah, Crane, Dicki & Patrick, Louis Parkinson, Ollie Tor, Madeleine Eppensteiner, Tom Greenall, Augmented Reality, one more to be announced!


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