Workshop Details

Shauna Coxsey & Leah Crane

A workshop bringing the magic of the IFSC World Cup to the UK.  With multiple world cup wins from Shauna and multiple semi-finals from Leah.  The workshop will not only motivate and inspire but also teach how to read and climb dynamic and highly coordinated boulder problems.

Udo Neumann

The man behind the moves, the movement coach to German Team and behind many of the superstars on the IFSC World Cup circuit.  Udo’s brought a style and technique to movement coaching that everyone is trying to replicate.  Expect this workshop to be hugely fun and like nothing you have ever done before!

Patxi Usobiaga

Photo Credit Javi Pec

Patxi’s unique approach to training has produced some of the greatest breakthroughs in climbing.  Having worked with the likes of Adam Ondra, Sasha Digulian and currently Chris Sharma.  His workshop will introduce you to the style and intensity of his workouts.  Showing you knew ways to train and how to physically take your body to the next level.

Dicki & Patrick (Café Kraft)

Two of the biggest names in climbing coaching, responsible for the formidable Alex Megos (world’s first 9a onsighter). Dicki and Patrick concentrate on helping athletes reach their genetic potential. Working with some of the greatest climbers in the world, making sure they reduce imbalances and remain fighting fit. A must for all looking to push their bodies to the limit.

Ollie Tor

Sport science graduate, ex gymnast, coach to pro climbers and co-founder of Lattice Training, Ollie Torr knows a thing or two about the physiology of elite athletes.  This workshop will give you a complete understanding of the different energy systems used in climbing and how you can climb harder for longer. This is a practical lesson giving you the tools to make every training session count.


Melissa le Nevé

Photo credit: Bram Berkein

Hugely successful on rock as well as competition, Melissa will be brining her distinct and imaginative style to this workshop.  Always one to think outside box when solving problems.  Melissa’s workshop will look through the fundamentals of technique and how to apply them in a variety of complex an exciting situations.

Louis Parkinson

The maestro of dynamic movement. Who hasn’t seen a video of Louis swinging around? Not only is it incredibly fun, but Louis’s understanding of body movement far exceeds most others. When to use power and when to rely on your skeletal structure. For younger ones, this movement is key as they are yet to develop the muscles necessary to initiate powerful or even adult moves. Louis has found a way around this!

Tom Greenall

One of the most experienced coaches in the UK Tom’s workshop looks at decision making in a competition environment.   Whether technique or tactical the workshop will help you understand the decisions you are making and help improve and refine them.  As applicable to competitions as everyday climbing indoors or outside.  The workshops will be age category specific with the younger categories looking closer at technique while the older categories will combine this with a closer look at tactics and planning in a competition environment.

Madeleine Eppensteiner

Madeleine is a Sports Psychologist whose main focus is climbing, where she supports athletes and team.  This workshop will help climber understand how to deal with pressure and motivate themselves.  Whether being applied to competitions, training or out on rock.  Whatever you are confronted with this workshop will give you the strategies and solutions to deal with them.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality are definitely putting the fun back into climbing.  Their projected graphics allow climbers and coaches to create and play interactive games, design fun training sessions and create exciting new challenges.  This session will involve enjoying everything Augmented reality has to offer!