Patxi Usobiaga

We are incredibly excited to announce our first coach, two-time world champion, Patxi Usobiaga!

Patxi Usobiaga is one of the most accomplished climbers in the world, not only a two-time world champion, but an  8c+ onsighter, 9a+ redpointer AND full-time coach to some of the best climbers in the world.

You’ve all heard of Adam Ondra and Sasha Digiulian? Well, Patxi is their coach and now he can be yours too.

Patxi eats, sleeps and drinks climbing – he loves it more than most, especially when it comes to training. We are incredibly excited that Patxi is joining us for the Youth Climbing Symposium in November here in the UK, he is a huge asset to the team.

Patxi will be running workshops both days to climbers of all abilities – how to train with more focus, preparing you both mentally and physically so that you can achieve your goals. Learn from the best in the world!

Photo Credit Javi Pec
Photo by Francois Lebeau

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