Our next coaches to be joining us in November are Dicki Korb and Patrick Matros!

These two incredible coaches are the men behind Alexander Megos, the first person to ever onsight 9a.

Dicki is a fifty year-old sport-climbing and functional fitness coach, therapist and social worker. He has been climbing for 31 years and provides 15 years of expertise in climbing training with a variety of pro-athletes. Dicki is intensively involved in developing new training methods and ideas together with Patrick.

Patrick is a 43 year-old master of sports and educational science working out of University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (Institute for educational science). He has been climbing since the age of 18 and is by no means a slouch, climbing 8c!

Together, Dicki and Patrick are the founders of the well-known training sensation Gimme Kraft and are currently coaches for team adidas TERREXworking with athletes such as Melissa Le Nevé Sasha DiGiulian and Rustam Gelmanov.

We are super psyched to have these guys on-board!